About myself

Aviation has fascinatied my since childhood. Starting to read comics like Dan Cooper, Buck Danny or Tanguy and Laverdure was only the first step towards the current activities. After some testing in 1990 I started to take pictures of aircrafts using my first Canon camera. Since those days a proud and happy user of Canon gear, I used the legendary Kodachrome 25 and 64 to shoot all my pictures on slide.

Seeing technology developing in big steps, it was time to take the first steps into digital photography and I got my first digital camera in 2004 and of course it was a Canon! With the end of Kodachrome approaching I deceided to switch completely to digital and since 2007 I shoot only with digital cameras. Happy with the new possibilites I still regret the times with the slides. I enjoyed the trading of slides over decades and still miss it, as these days brought more contacts to fellow photographer all over the world. 

Daniel Bader
DOB: August 22nd, 1969 in Liestal/Switzerland
Residence: CH-4057 Basel/Switzerland

Since 2004 editor for Cockpit / Swiss Aviation Magazine

History / World politics
Travel to see the world
FC Basel (our local football club, once and always red and blue!!!)
Apple (almost all products, but the iMac is fantastic)

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