F-4F Phantom II - "The Phinal"

by Karl-Heinz Schäfer (2013)

With the last flights of the F-4F Phantom II of the German AF at Wittmund in June 2013 a great story in aviation history ended. The autor, a former mechanic how served his whole career working on the Rhino has the perfect knowledge about the service of the F-4 with the Luftwaffe. The books describs all details of the long career and gives a detailed service account, including a CV from every F-4F in service with the Luftwaffe. It might not be the most shiny book with the brightest pictures, but it is the story of the Phantom in the Luftwaffe written by someone how was part of it. Reading the book, you will just realize that!
Book Details:
Publisher: None / by autor
Year: 2013
Language: German / 450 pages
ISBN-13: 978-3-00-043384-9
Lieber Harl-Heinz,
vielen Dank für dieses Buch! Es macht Spass damit in der Geschichte der Phantom zu schwelgen. Meine Erwähnung darin empfinde ich als eine Ehre. Gerne denke ich an unsere Treffen in Wittmund bei den NATO-Dieseln zurück. Die Era ist vorbei, der Mythos lebt......


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