My Equipment

You need the equipment to shoot such a picture!!!

I have heard this phrase countless times and still cannot agree to it. Well, clearly you will need some kind of equipment to take pictures. But your eye, or the mind perhaps, will see the picture before you actually take your gear out and press the button.  Basic rules like position of the sun, apertures and shutter speed are the key elements, no matter on what camera. Certainly the best and most expensive camera will match with backlight!

Well, I thankfully have learned about it from other fellow photographers and happily will help others with my skills, if needed and required. My small advice for taking pictures (not only aircrafts) to everybody is simple: Look around, how other people take their pictures and ask yourself why they are doing it that way. Personally I can admit with no shame at all that during every trip I did since I started my hobby, I got some new ideas or learned something.

Thrust yourself and try out! Find angels, spots and view that you like and shoot like you like them most. These will be you pictures and you shall like them primarily!!"
Symbolically, I would like to quote Steve Jobs, founder of Apple "... stay foolish" (but please, do it within rules and regulations)!!!
Personally I am a happy user of Canon and currently use the following gear:
Camera bodies:
Canon EOS 1D Mark III
Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
Canon EOS 6D
Canon EOS 7D Mark II
Canon  28 - 105mm
Canon  35 - 70mm
Canon  28 - 200mm
Canon 70 - 200mm II
Canon 100 - 400mm
Canon 100 - 400mm II
Sigma  50 - 500mm
Sigma  70 - 200mm
Sigma 100 - 300mm
Tamron 100 Macro
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