Transaero "Sibirian Tiger"

Being a regular visitor on Antalya for holidays and spotting, I was quite happy to hear that the russian carrier Transaero painted one of their 747's with this great looking tiger head on the nose. Knowing that multiple flights of 747 are scheduled into AYT, I realized my chances of getting it while on holiday at the Turkish Riviera.

After arriving in the Hotel at Lara Beach and getting my rental car, I deceided to drive to the airport and see if my known spotting places are still "active". While approaching the spot on Ülker Street, I noticed a 747 with a dark nose turning into the approach. Just in time to stop the car making the camera ready and the moment was there to shoot my Siberian Tiger! 


What a start for one week of holiday/spotting in AYT, and even if I saw it three more times: What a nice looking plane!!!!

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