Anatolian Eagle 15-2

During June 2015 the 3rd Jet base at Konya in Turkey hosted the second edition of the excercise Anatolian Eagle scheduled for 2015. Next to a large contingent of the hosting Turkish Air Force, Spain, Great Britain, Pakistan and the USA followed the invitation and deployed aircrafts to Konya.

Developed by the findings of the studies from Red Flag, Anatolian Eagle held in Konya became the third major place for large scale aerial combat exercises after Red Flag in Nellis and Maple Flag in Cold Lake. Since the first event in 2009, 13 different nations where welcomed as particpants in Konya. 

The following countries particpated in AE 2015-2: Great Britain / Pakistan / Spain / Turkey / USA

A selection of pictures from AE 2015-2 can be found in the Gallery 2015.

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