The Samurai of Hyakuri

The days of service of the F-4 Phantom are counted and their farewell of service is approaching in Japan. Entered in service during the 1970 in large numbers soldering either in fighter or recce missions, the number are decreasing constantly.

As of 2017, only three Hikotai (Squadron) remain equipped with the F-4 and are all based at Huyakuri AB. While 301 and 302 Hikotai are fighter squadrons using the F-4EJ Kai Phantom II, the last recce squadron is 501 Hikotai using the RF-4EJ Kai Phantom II. With the introduction of the F-35 in JASDF scheduled for the next years, the end of the mighty Phantom is sadly approaching.  


A selection of pictures can be found in the Gallery 2017.

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